DAVID A. HUEMER (1937-1992)

David Alexander Huemer was born in Los Angeles, California on November 10, 1937, the second of three children of Dick and Polly Huemer. He earned his B.A. from Pomona College, where he  met  his  future  wife  Barbara Arundel. He pursued graduate studies in mathematics at Oregon State U. in Eugene. With his concentration on computer science, he soon landed a job managing a data-processing center for VISA. He ultimately rose to the Vice-Presidency of that company. Subsequently he headed AirPlus, a credit-card company operated by European airlines and headquartered in London. In 1992, while embarking on a new business project in New York City, he was struck by a heart attack and died in his sleep at the age of 55.

Photographer unknown; possibly "Coffee" at Bear Springs Camp

ALEX HUEMER, eldest child of David and Barbara Huemer, is earning his Ph.D. in Economics from Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, California. He was  married this past October to Ms. Pamela McCready of Claremont. We intend to provide links on this page to his published papers.

JASON HUEMER, youngest child of David and Barbara Huemer, is a successful stockbroker in New York City. We hope to be able to post information about his business at this site.


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